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This is also a bit of a drive for you, but I would highly recommend Ally at the Spa on the Avenue in White Marsh. I have followed her for years and she is fantastic with cuts and color. I've always gotten exactly what I wanted. Good luck!
I work in Woodlawn but I don't live there. I would say that the area does have crime and it's neighborhood to neighborhood. The high school has a lot of issues that they are working through, and some of that crime can overflow into the neighborhoods. Some of my co-workers live in the Catonsville area and seem to enjoy it. Since SSA and CMS are major employers in the area, there are a lot of employees that do live around Woodlawn. I would suggest actually driving...
did the webster technique work for you? did your baby turn?
I went for a tour of Mercy last week since I'm delivering with Evelyn there in about 5 weeks or so and thought I'd post some information that they gave me in case it will help anyone else. You are allowed 4 visitors on the L&D and recovery floors (separate floors). Not sure how strict they are about this, but there is a very big waiting area on the lobby floor. Since they only have 2 rooms with tubs, I asked the guide how likely it is that I would be able to snag...
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