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I also have UHC and my CNM homebirth is covered 100% minus a $5 copay for the first visit to confirm pregnancy, no deductible, no copays for visits, no copays for bloodwork or ultrasound. The only thing is my MW charges an assistant fee that won't bill to insurance so it's costing me a few hundred dollars. Yay for UHC!
Well I ended up taking him to the ped because it feels like I'm actually 'doing something' and after waiting for an hour and DS being a complete mess because it was 7pm and he was hungry and tired, all the ped did was take off the bandage, look at it for a second, rinse his hand, put on some silvadene cream, put gauze over the hand, and wrap it up VERY tight. I think it was too tight, DS's fingers were actually smushed into unnatural position, but in all fairness he was...
Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately I wasn't with him when the burn occurred and I thought they had run it under cold water for long enough, but you're right, since it blistered overnight I guess the heat continued to build up. I am going to treat at home using some of the respones. Thanks again, I guess I'm lucky I haven't had to deal with an injury like this up until now!
Try some toast with honey or butter if it sounds appealing. And drink drink drink! Try and take a sip of liquid between every contraction.
When is it necessary to go to the ped for a burn? My son has what is probably a second degree burn on his palm from yesterday afternoon. His palm blistered up overnight. I have a triple ointment on it with a gauze pad and a sock over it. I gave him some acetimenaphon(sp?) for the pain. He is eating and drinking well and does not have a fever. He does say it hurts though. As long as the blisters don't break, should I continue to treat as is? What else would a...
Have you tried a teaspoon of local raw honey before bed? When I actually remember to do this, I sleep much more soundly, even going back to sleep after the 3 trips to the bathroom. I think it stimulates additional melatonin production. Just don't turn the lights on when you get up to go.
Thanks, that makes me feel better. Although I just threw up my dinner. I'm really hoping this incident doesn't kick start labor, not quite ready yet.
so about 2 1/2 hours ago my toddler took off running towards the street as I unloaded him from the car and after chasing him and nearly having heart failure, I got him just as he was in the street and i'm pretty sure I pulled a muscle or something from either the sprinting or the hoisting him out of the street i've been resting as best i can since then, but with an active 2 year old and no partner it's not easy. DS is finally asleep and I am feeling baby move and no...
what about a belly cast on your due date to celebrate? i did one at 38 weeks and it turned out more amazing than I could have imagined.
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