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I just wanted to thank everyone who responded. It has been really helpful to hear people weigh the pros and cons of the names. Thanks again.
H and I had a mediation session last week with a very experienced mediator who is a practicing divorce lawyer, 15 years mediation experience, knows the laws and judges in our jurisdiction, etc., claims over a 98% success rate. H went in not wanting to pay CS at all because I make more $ than him. I plan on going back to work PT after maternity leave. The mediator really laid it out for him and explained he had no choice, the CS forumula is what it is, and that H is...
I will probably be working up until my due date, unless this one decides to come earlier. My DS came at 40 +2. I'm also trying to negotiate a PT schedule when I return in January, cautiously optimistic at this point. I just can't do FT with a toddler and infant by myself, I'm full of anxiety just thinking about it.
Don't worry, you weren't being too critical. I wouldn't have put them out there if I didn't want to hear what people thought. That's what's great about this vs. family/friends
Mazzy has a short "a". None of the boys names are grabbing me either. Named DS1 after H, so not a lot of creativity needed last time. Suggestions welcome. I am partial to first names that start with C or H. Of the boys names I am leaning towards Holden. Atreyu is a cool name I think but can't really picture using it in real life.
It sound like things are calming down for you, which is great! It sounds like Evelyn is your MW? I'm also seeing E for a homebirth. And about the traffic downtown this weekend, it's Otakon, the anime thing at the convention center and traffic has been tied up all over the city for days! I'm glad you weren't really in labor!
I've just started thinking about some names and need some feedback. I don't really want to discuss it with family/friends IRL and H split a few months ago, so it's hard finding the mental energy to make these decisions...sigh. The middle name will be my maiden name, so ___ A. H. Any suggestions besides the ones on my list are also very much appreciated! Girls Calliope Verona Mazzy (really like it but it sounds like a...
What a crappy situation. My H decided to move out when I was 5 months pregnant and we have an under 2 year old. Lived together for 7 years, married for 3. It sucks. We're doing mediation and legal separation agreement now, but it's tough. Just talking about visitation and holidays gets the waterworks started. Pretty sure H has been unfaithful as well. At least, that's what it looks like with his sharing 750 texts and dozens of pictures to one girl the month he...
My DS is 22 months and everytime he sees a man when we are out he says "Da-DDDYYYY" and points with such enthusiasm. It breaks my heart, too. And he even sees H for a few hours every week...
I just picked some up last night at the recommendation of my MW. Will brave the taste at dinner tonight. I was going to try it with OJ, but sounds like I'd better give it a go with grape juice instead! Oh, and MW said to keep it refridgerated after you open it or it will go bad and taste worse!
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