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Congrats!!! What a cute name. Can't wait to see pictures.
This is a funny thread. I grew up in a family of 7 kids and we actually had one of those massive Ford vans. We called it the Flying Tomato and I learned to drive using it. It wasn't very stylish but I survived my teen years. Not sure how many kiddos we'll end up with but I know we'll have more than 2. I'm trying not to think about it right now though, in my last days of pregnancy. My MIL asked me recently how many we wanted and I told her to ask me again when I'm...
Love it! Thanks for sharing.
39 w. 2 d. appointment today. Everything looked good: weight, urine, and BP. Midwife said babe is still kinda floating around but that's pretty common for 2nd timers. Didn't do a cervical, don't see the point and plus its kind of a pain, especially with a busy 18 mo. old! Said my fluid levels felt good so no need for any kind of concern. I'm fully expecting to go past my EDD since DD was 10 days over. My next appointment isn't until next Friday and she said if my fluid...
I had the shakes too, the nurse said it was due to the hormones rushing into my system.
Best wishes!!! Soon you'll be holding your little one. Can't wait to see some pictures!
Quote: Originally Posted by trimestersdoula I would be careful with cohoshes though as they can raise BP and that is something you want to definitely avoid. Ah, good to know! I've never had BP issues and my doc recommended that for me the last time. You would want to check anything like that out with your HCP before trying it.
Wow! Sorry about the craziness with your pets but it is probably for the best if you're moving soon overseas. I was curious about homeschooling and those sound like great reasons! I was homeschooled my whole life and will probably do the same for my kiddos at least while they're young. I hear ya on the brainwashing thing. I also tutored in a public school while in college and I can attest to the fact that a lot of time is wasted and a lot of it is just babysitting. Do...
Wow!!! That is amazing!!! I'm going to think of women like you during my labor. If you can do it anyone can!!!!
Congrats on the healthy baby!!! Hope your recovery is speedy!
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