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I delivered my baby (10 lbs 10 oz) on my hands and knees, and for over a week afterwards my pubic bone hurt horribly. I hope your pain passes soon.
We have thrush too, pretty bad. It hurts so much that I kept wussing out and trying to delay nursing as much as possible by jiggling the baby or trying to distract her, but that would just make her madder. I can't wait till this horrible horrible pain goes away.
Yeah this is going to lose me some MDC points, but I use television to get through the hours of nursing because all I can do is sit and DD1 always needs something and wants me to get up, unless she's absorbed in the tv. And I put DD2 down a lot more than I put DD1 down back when she was a newborn. Not to the point of fussing or anything, but I simply can't get DD1 dressed if I'm wearing DD2. And also, I nipped the nursing thing in the bud. After a week of my boobs being...
We waited a few months last time, and most likely will wait around 3 or 4 months this time too. I'm tired and tandem nursing and have no interest, and he's tired and fine with waiting.
Yay, congrats!
I'm not officially in the club yet (due this Tuesday), but I've been walking around dilated to 3 cm and 80% effaced for two weeks now. I'm having light, almost pleasant contractions every night for a couple of hours. They're working on my cervix apparently, but never kick into high gear. I thought for sure she'd come by my due date. My doctor is surprised I'm still here. I'm so uncomfortable and getting discouraged.
Yay congrats! Please do post the story when you have time!
I've been having prodomal contractions every night, at the same time, and they're actually sort of pleasant. They feel like a tightening that's not painful at all. I just sit around and relax through them. Sometimes I time them, until they fizzle out. They're definitely doing something. I'm due next Tuesday and as of last week I was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced. Then I lost my plug over the weekend. It must have grown back by now.
Quote: Originally Posted by momasana I'm due on the 7th so I'm not overdue yet, but I feel like I am because I have spent this entire pregnancy thinking I was going to deliver this baby early! DS was born a week and a day early, fully cooked, so I just assumed I'm a fast-gestater. It was a silly thing to think because all it did was set me up for antsy days, waiting for this one to come! Ha, this happened to me too! My daughter came 12 days...
My nausea is coming back, so I'm spending a chunk of every morning in the bathroom again. And the worst part is not the vomiting itself, it's that I usually pee myself during my "ritual", sometimes in clothes that I was hoping to wear that day.
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