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I swore "never again" this whole pregnancy and through the first week or two of recuperating from my cesarean and now I'm thinking it might still be worth it to do this thing a third time (second with the whole diabetes stress...) It helps that my husband seems to really want a third. We'll see how I feel in another year or two, when this little one starts talking back. ;)
I love that, Chapsie!   I had a lot of guilt with my first cesarean. I was angry. I felt cheated and poorly used and, while I adored my daughter intensely, I felt distanced from her because of the difficulties processing her birth and what led to it. And then I spent a lot of time feeling guilty, because I allowed the experience to drive that wedge between us for the first year or two of her life. There are still days when that anger rears it's ugly head (especially...
I loved Black Swan. It actually reminded me of my favorite anime, "Perfect Blue," which is also a fabulous psycho thriller.   Hang in there, sunshinelove! At 42+ weeks, you have to be getting close, right?
I think this is the first night since Astrid was born that I've actually sat down at my computer for any length of time.   It's been hard to keep up. I've been avoiding a lot of threads, because I know I am (deep down) still disappointed that I wound up with a repeat cesarean, despite being happy with the c-section itself. I am happy, almost blissfully so, but I am also angry and jealous and lots of other ugly things, so, if I am quiet, it is because I am trying to...
Such a raw moment to share, Chapsie! Definitely feeling it, myself.
Aww, buko! I was hoping to get a similar diaper cover/hat combo. Here's my squish...
Oh, wow. Luck to you, Scruffy! And here's hoping the real deal starts soon for you, storygirl.
Heh. Her head circumference was also 37.5 cm and her feet barely fit on the ink. She doesn't look particularly big to me, though. Juicy, but proportional.
Astrid Elizabeth, 8 lbs, 14 oz, 22.5 inches, arrived at 8:09 am yesterday via (hastily) scheduled repeat cesarean. It was more and in many ways less than what I'd hoped for, but we are healthy and I am recovering apace. I just wish I could get this stupid heplock out of my hand. :P Congrats to our other new mamas.
Terrific news, Melany.
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