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Happy birthday, Scruffy! That is one old Dane. I hope you can get the lump taken care of. Those things are so gross. ;)   My chiropractor reminded me, today, that I really need to be walking, walking, walking, to try to get this kid to turn, so my mom took that to heart and had me wandering all over the area--definitely waddling! My mom told me I look like a penguin. I bought the last of the infant prefolds I needed, today. I'm very excited!
Awww! What a sweet series of pictures, Buko!
Wow, wildmansmom, that's... wild! I would be in the mood to sock someone in the nose after a conversation like that with my OB.
Congratulations, beautifulnm! So glad everything has gone well, so far! Can't wait to see pictures. :D
Congrats, Granola!
beautifulnm, I may be where you are in about a week or so. The thought of a repeat cesarean scares me. It is, after all, major abdominal surgery, and I don't deal well with anesthesia, either. That said, I agree with the idea to maybe sit with the panic for a little while and accept it for what it is, but maybe try to move past it. It is okay to let yourself feel what needs to be felt.   Mmmm. Blueberry pancakes and bacon...   *hugs to writermama* Our choices as...
Yay, Raingardenmama! Congrats!
This is the moment I'm looking forward to... my daughter getting to meet her little sister. :D
Congrats, Micah! ELV, Shawna!
Congrats, Lightforest!
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