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Chapsie, so glad to hear that the dog situation is working out for the best. I'm sure that's a lot of stress off your plate.   Wonderful news, maydaymom! How very exciting that she has invited you to be a part!   scruffy, I didn't gain a pound with my daughter. I actually lost weight. This time around, I'm gaining like crazy. So, I think it is all subjective, following the usual "every pregnancy and every woman" is different. Bring it up with your midwife, and,...
My husband seems to still be in some sort of state of denial. He doesn't even want to talk about names, yet, let alone start cleaning in preparation for baby. :P
Probably because they're pigheaded idiots who think that maybe this time, they will get away with being complete assholes about it. Sheesh, my blood pressure is rising just reading about this crap. I'm sorry you have to deal with this nonsense, scruffy. I hope you can get all of it resolved SOON, so you can relax and ride out the pregnancy with more joy than stress.
lol Chapsie, that's great!
Looks like the fleece pullovers are $15, too, with free personalization. :)
Just call them and say you want to talk to them about their practice, and ask them some questions. I interviewed my OB about a year before I got pregnant, just to feel them out and see if they were right for me. ;)
Cat and cow is what I know it as: arch back, rounding upward, then arch the other way.   I've had both hip pain and round ligament since fairly early on this time around. I've discovered that walking most days, and then sleeping with a pillow between my legs has really helped with both, so long as I don't also then spend a ton of time on my feet (cooking/cleaning/shopping, that sort of thing).
Chapsie -- I've never had to give away an animal, but I have had animals pass away and felt as much relief as grief at their loss, so I know where you are coming from. At least you know that he is going to a loving family who will be able to give him the love and attention he deserves, and you will better be able to focus on yourself and your baby, who will definitely need your attention, soon.
My cravings have kind of slowed, lately. Aside from the sushi (which I finally had for lunch, yesterday) I haven't really had any "weird" cravings. Spicy stuff, mostly, and yeah... of all things, coke. I love coke, though, so it's not a big surprise. It's just that I've been able to avoid it (being diabetic) for most of the past two-three years, so to suddenly want it ALL THE TIME is hard. I finally gave in and bought the little cans so I can use it as my "emergency"...
I really like the name Silas. It's different, and I am always fond of different. The only Silas I can think of, though, is Silas Marner, from the George Eliot novel of the same name. XD I'm also a big literature geek, though, so it's a good thing!   I can imagine naming a child something that you've seen in a correctional facility may be a tad discomfiting. :P
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