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I know shoes on babies are silly, but I love the idea of corduroy pants and saddle shoes, too. XD
Wow. I admire you ladies. The longest run I've made, officially, was a 5K, though I've run 7 miles on my own. I then injured myself, and had to scale back again, only to finally get in another 5K before I got pregnant. I am so excited to get back into running after #2 gets here! All of you shall be my inspiration. :)
I have to have SOME carbs in my diet, but I have to limit them as well. It's a fine balance I'm supposed to walk, and it can be hard, sometimes. Phyllo dough, though. I hadn't considered that! Thank you so much, chocolatechip!
I love all these bumps. I am so excited that I get to join the "bump club" this time around, as I barely showed with my daughter even at term, and I desperately missed the big, beautiful baby bump. :) Can't wait to decorate! XD
Part of me wants to say go with the honesty route. "I like you, but, from our interactions so far, I realize that you will definitely not work out as a part of our birth team. You are making me very uncomfortable and, unfortunately, I fear that will affect our relationship during my birth. Thank you so much. I appreciate the offer. But I can't accept at this time..." Seems like blunt and to the point is the only thing that is going to deter her.
I'm thinking pageboy caps and sweater vests. Monsters, and aliens, and mud, oh, my! Less than a week til we can find out!
Bena, my daughter went through an "I want a baby brother AND a baby sister" kick for a while, too. After explaining to her a couple of times that, while that is possible, it's not very likely, she finally settled on wanting just a sister. XD   Ah, Jodie, that is so funny! I'm letting my daughter believe she gets to help choose a name for now. I'll probably nip it when I get tired of hearing, "Tree! Rock! Sky!"
GranolaMama: Good luck on the job! Big hugs to you, BeantownBaby. I can only imagine the stress of such a loss during pregnancy. As it is, I can’t stop crying, this pregnancy, about the loss of my father, over 18 years ago. It’s wonderful that they were able and willing to do the u/s at your house so your mother could get a look at her grandson before she passed. Good luck to you, too, on the job! spughy, I hope you can get the itching tamped down. I love the idea...
I love Graham Vincent!
My daughter is finally starting to understand some of the downside of a new baby. I've essentially restricted her from our bed for the majority of the night, because I can't sleep with her all over me (she's a very snuggly child and also a wiggle worm). We've had fights over her sleeping on the floor of our room, her bed... nowhere is good enough, those nights, except our bed. I'm so tired that I get frustrated with her, but my husband has been very good about getting...
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