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  Thank you for this! My yoga instructor was totally against my continuing the class while pregnant because "wouldn't you just prefer to be safe?" It's a class of which we spend the majority on our backs, so her concern stems from that, and I just wanted to roll my eyes. Fine, I won't attend your class anymore, then! It was a big disappointment, though.
The risk of my dying as a result of major abdominal surgery is far greater than my risk of losing my baby due to complications of vaginal birth and I look at it this way, as horrible as it might seem: that I would much rather lose my baby than die myself and leave two children without a mother. Though, honestly, if all my NSTs and kick counts and everything are fine, I don't see why going over 39 weeks is that big a deal. I would much rather give my baby the chance to...
Sweet. I'll have to find this recipe thread, but yes, chicken poblano chowder. Chicken, poblano chiles, beans (which could obviously be omitted, as soups are easy to "fix" to taste), corn, and pepper jack cheese is the base. They actually have a poblano chile chowder at Baker's Square, right now, that prompted the craving. XD
*laughs* I've seen that. I even showed it to my daughter when she first suggested she might be Vader for Halloween, and she gave me a dirty look. She seems to want to do Princess Vader the "right" way, that is to say, in a dress, but dark and menacing. ;)
maydaymom, I was very nervous about the potential to have a girly-girl as I, myself, am not, but I've discovered, having HAD the girly-girl after all, that it's not that big a deal. I'm really enjoying the frills and the dresses and the nail polish and the princesses and Ponies, because they're tempered with a love of scary things, and the outdoors, and "bad guys," bugs, snakes, frogs, fishing, etc... My daughter is awesome, in every respect, and she has taught me that...
After we named my daughter, I was really surprised to find that Rose was a fairly popular middle name. I'm not too concerned, though, since her first name is extremely uncommon. :)
I have a copy of Thinking Woman's Guide that I really need to start reading. I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one who starts crying over food. XD
Oh, that is fabulous! My daughter made mention of being a tree, this year, which I thought might be fun, but then we showed her the original Star Wars trilogy and she got hooked on Darth Vader. I have to admit that I'm just a little bit excited about this, since Vader and Palpatine were always MY favorite characters, but then she decided she didn't want to be straight Vader and had to put the princess twist on it, so I get to make a black princess dress with reflector...
Karma balance is a good way of putting it. I almost dreaded getting pregnant again. My daughter has been relatively easy and I have this feeling that #2 is going to be the exact opposite, and I am so not looking forward to it. I'm actually a little bit terrified of the transition to two, no matter how good or bad Bun turns out to be. ;)
These communities sound fabulous. I would love to get in on something like that. We have our own small garden in the yard, that we'll eventually expand. Our community doesn't allow chickens, though, which I'm kind of bummed about. I miss being able to go out to the coop and grab my own fresh eggs. And we don't have enough space for more than one tree. We've debated eventually getting a fruit tree, but the question is always what kind of fruit we want to grow. :)
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