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Wow, Buko! Seems little buks is in on the whole timeline thing! XD ELV!!
I like this idea. Let me know what I can do.
First of all, I have to admit that I giggled at the remark about having bruises in your birth pictures, Light forest, but OW! I hope it turns out more superficial than lasting. Glad your daughter is feeling better, spughy. Bummer that you guys missed the puppet show, though.
Glad to hear all is well with you, maydaymom. Today is not a good day. I feel better (much less pain and plenty of sleep and some hugs and cuddles last night from my husband and I feel less on the verge of tears.) However, I am plagued with restlessness and a sense of anxiety that I can't shake and it's making me snappish with my daughter, who has today off from school. I feel bad, but I can't help it and I can't figure out what's making me feel this way.
Yeah, I second the "you don't need that stress!" Don't forget to take care of yourself! She is precious!
Oooh! Granola and herbsgirl! Here's hoping things start moving for you both, soon!   Also, yay, WLL!!!!
Sending healing thoughts and hopes for a happy homecoming in the near future.
You gals are talking about brewing, reminds me that we're actually looking for some "exotic" berries for winemaking. My husband wants to try elderberry or gooseberry wine. ;)
SamSarah, if you need additional motivation, just check out the "to do" list thread. It hasn't helped me any, besides make me feel even more like a lazy bum, but it might help you. XD
I was pondering this while trying to find a comfortable position in our tub for my ginormous belly. ;)  If money and time were no object, what would you be doing for you, right now?   I think I'd replace my tub with something considerably larger, so I can actually float this belly of mine, go see a masseuse maybe once a week for a full-body massage, get a pedicure, and maybe hire someone else to clean my house. XD
New Posts  All Forums: