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Ha! I finally got around to scrubbing the kitchen floors, and I realized that the walls and the drawers and the appliances... yeah, big time nesting, I guess. My daughter was home sick again, but she felt well enough to insist on helping and then we went out into the front yard to make a great big snowman! I may have overdone things a bit, today, but it was totally worth it!
lol That's awesome, Sami!
Yeah. I'm pretty sure baby's growth levels off at this point. My baby is measuring in the 59th percentile by u/s. Different practice and different tech, but my first measured much bigger than she actually came out as, so my guess is this one may top out around 7 lb, a couple ounces.
Big hugs for you, Melany, and healing thoughts for you and your little one. As I type this, I am having another contraction. They're becoming much more frequent, lately, and at the most unexpected times (like, as I'm sitting in bed, with a bottle of water, perusing mothering.com on my phone... ) It's kind of exciting, even though I know real labor could still be weeks away. My mom gets here tomorrow and the room we've been preparing for her is so not ready. XD
You're making me chuckle with this countdown of yours, buko.
spughy, you are hilarious. I say we keep you. ;)   Wow, GranolaMama! That's crazy! She must have been pretty harried today to completely space like that!
lol @ eternalw. Cheap plastic ponchos! I love it!   *hugs* for writermama. I'm up about 45 lbs and am still gaining, but definitely not like I was in the beginning. I gained weight so quickly my first trimester that my endocrinologist told me -- NOT jokingly -- that I needed to push away the plate. Insensitive medical professionals make my blood boil.
Oh, no! I hope both babies are well and home soon.
Jodie, you asked what a Bento box was and I forgot to answer. As far as I am aware, it's a Japanese thing, though they're becoming really popular for school lunches. A Bento box is basically a box that is split into sections and each section has a little bit of something different. I was given miso soup, a sampling of tempura, six honest-to-goodness bite sized pieces of California rolls (my favorite!!) A small salad, something called chicken tero, and a small serving of...
So, I took a long, hot shower, had a couple of generic acetaminophen, which I haven't really indulged in too often, and used a hot pack for about a half hour on the worst of the sore spots, last night, and I feel ALMOST normal, today, which makes me happy.   My daughter is home from school, today. She peaked a low grade fever last night, so the school insists she stay home. It's so hard when the snuffles and the cough make it difficult for her to fall asleep at...
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