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She has celiac so she will always be tiny - height is just barely on the charts. Overall, just a petite kid. What us the difference with the clones? I can't tell by descriptions, but the prices are different so something must be up. We need a new travel seat too. Is the Scenera still the cheapy go-to for that?
I just realized that my youngest is in an expired seat and need a new one. For the first time in forever - I can't just pass down a seat from a sibling. She's in a Boulevard right now that I love because of ease of buckling and pulling straps. I'm willing to pay for a good seat so price isn't a huge concern. She's just over two - slight frame, just over 20 pounds. She's going to be RF forever at this rate, but I want something that will get her to a backless booster...
I was really in craft hoarder mode for years.  Then my oldest went to Kinder and her teacher sent out a call to arms for "beautiful junk."  Basically, she liked to arm the kids with things to make projects - really open ended stuff.  Lots of moms sent in bottle caps from their recycle bin, scrapbooking paper, etc.  I sent in garbage bags full of stuff - good stuff!  My theory was that these little creative minds could use this stuff...or I could just keep in my closet,...
I know this is cheating because I would have to do it anyway, but I'm totally counting the science fair project we worked on all day yesterday and today.  Holy crap - it was a LOT of work!  And she's only 7!   3/52
Yay Iowa!
Great job, Lida!
Never miss: This American Life Freakonomics StoryCorps I download and pick and choose: Fresh Air Story of the Day Diane Rehm Show TED Talks/Education/Business I also have a few Celiac related ones, but they're pretty boring.
This is my year to seriously get my act together! COMPLETE!! 1. Christmas card organization (2007-present) - 1/2 2. Ornament boxes for kids (3) - 1/7 3. Science fair project - 1/20 (a crapload of work!) 4. Hearts for door decorations x 56 - 1/31 5. C's birthday party *stuff* - 3/29 6. Started a new Brownie sash with dozens of patches - 3/30 KINDNESS KID COMPLETED PROJECTS: 1. Bags for the homeless (6) - January 2. Decorated cans for food pantry - February WANTS: Felted...
Will you take a pic of an opened chapstick key chain thingy?  We have to use EOS around here (gluten free) and I'm trying to see if this would make sense since the containers are already awkwardly shaped.  Thanks!
Nursing Mother Lot (I would really love to keep them all together to mail): match found Gray Baubulz nursing tank - size L.  This is the kind that has a large opening down the side to offer the breast.  You'd want to layer over it. Cream Leading Lady nursing bra - 36C/D/DD.  Front opening, but it's to be used while sleeping so the front offers a TON of give so you just pull the whole cup down to nurse.  Like this -...
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