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Do you have a picture in your album of those?  I'm thinking my kids would love having composition books in our "travel bag of tricks" to stay busy while out and about.
Man, I LOVED when my oldest only pooped once every two weeks.  It was awesome!!
Amanda T - A while back I remember you asking to join our group (maybe in the LWAB group?!) and I saw your avatar and thought "Oh, she must have an older kid, too, because that girl is so not an infant."  Now that I see another photo of Scarlet I'm amazed at her features!  She's so grown looking and missing all the baby lumpiness.  Soooo cute with the bow and all that hair!   I love seeing all your babies!  It's so wonderful watching them grow. :)  
I'd call that a little over the top in the worry department.  In fact, it reminded me of today's email blast http://www.enjoyparenting.com/daily-groove/worry-less-love-more   Because I value my marriage *as much as* my role as a mother I've moved my kids from our (the one I share with my old man) bed around six months each time.  Each time it has taken a gentle nudge from my husband, but I've willingly agreed that adult time, sex time, goofing off and being silly without...
Kid 1 - pooped once very other week for the first year. Then once a week. Now around every four days. Kid 2 - poops 3 times a day and has since birth. Kid 3 - once a week. Solids didn't change the consistency or quantity of the BMs...just the scent.
Not a fan of it while used with the belt install. The back seems to be wider than the belt spots so it wiggles until you install a dozen times. Tried it in three different cars with the same problem! LATCHing it is fine, though. I long for the day when we don't have that seat anymore!
I throw towels into regular loads. Honestly, the only things that are separate are CDs, but I might throw in a poopy sheet or changing pad cover with it.
My husband got the big V. Ironically I thought I was pregnant the first V month, but right before AF returned. I would have been due on kid 1's birthday...kids 2 and 3 already share a birthday. How cool would that be? Of course I seriously would have ended up going nuts! My family of five is complete...and perfect.
My six month old and six year old go back and forth with this to stay occupied in the car.  It's like their little game.  So fun to hear!
Mothering Q is awesome.  She's a pure joy.  Seriously...LOVE that kid!  My favorite time is when it's just the two of us (which is very rare) and I pick her up and sort of dangle her in front of my mouth and kiss her neck.  The giggles are the best!   My least favorite thing is the change that occurred in the family.  G went from a mellow, easy little love to an overbearing hitting/kicking/screaming/throwing machine.  He turned two the day Q was born so I know part...
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