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I don't know but it seems to me I'd start with a psychologist....one who is pleasant and likeable, so your son will respond to her (him). They can usually get to the bottom of it. Sounds like something has made him deeply angry and he doesn't trust anyone. Maybe something happened and he's not comfortable talking about it, so it comes out in other ways.
Quote: Originally Posted by AuntG I disagree with this. A parent cannot teach a 2 year old how to be a 2 year old. And really, peers of any age are always beneficial. You cannot be *everything* for your child, and you certainly don't need to think you've failed in any way because of this suggestion from your therapist. Any child, regardless of any special needs, will benefit cognitively and socially from being around others, no matter what the age --...
I have found it MUCH easier to talk to the children using proper terms. they are more likely to ask me questions using the "terms" and I have found it easier to talk about childbirth. My mother whispered the term "bottom" for everything....and my poor brother's penis was a T-T'er. We were shamed for even uttering any proper words.
This has been a very interesting thread. my first reaction was "wean, so he can get on with the therapy" and now i have learned something from you all!
I have never understood why the burden of "not offending" is the nursing mom's responsibility. I mean if I'm offending you---then YOU'RE LOOKING AT MY BOOB. I mean, isn't a man who visits a prostitute just as guilty as the prostitute? On a nude beach, who is rude? The nude person or the gawker?The gawker is committing a vulgar act, if he watches long enough to become offended. I think perhaps the lactivists ought to think of a way to countersue the gawker---as your...
My ds may have this.
You all have given me some great advice. Thank you!
Thank you! That's great advice about the computer games.
I'm not sure but I think the battery of tests (both IQ and achievement tests) we did for private school entrance would rule out LD. His hearing and vision were tested and he has no processing disorders. Based on a conversation I had with a child neurologist friend, and the DSM IV, looks like he has classic ADD-inattentive. He does not have any other issues with defiance or disruptiveness. The tics are also consistent with that as well. It should be something that...
I've been thinking more about this, and it seems to be symptomatic of ADD. His teachers said he is doing fine, but I see the frustration and tears here---and his inability to retain information---and his fear of trying. I used to work with some very bright college students who couldn't succeed in the classroom and basketball court until they had meds---but I hate the thought of ritalin. 'm going to look this up. Still hoping for some ideas---any are welcome.
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