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I would love to hear what people thought of it. I am thinking of using it this year and wanted to get some feedback first. Many thanks Ann-Marie
Woohoo!!! It's here
We love art here and do it almost every day. What are your favorite things to use and make?
What's WTM? I am pretty tired right now and that acronym isn't ringing a bell. Thanks Angela. edited to add I knew I was tired I know what WTM is Ann-Marie
Thanks for all of the ideas! I had been thinking of Noeo Science, but, after checking out R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey I am interested in learning more about it. It looks great!!! I looked at the Life and Space and Earth and they both look great! It is nice that they give you so much information to the program too. The materials needed for the labs are household items for the most part too
If you cannot tell my mind is jam packed with ideas for curriculum for next year What are you all thinking of doing for science next year? How old are your little ones too? I am working on trying to combine some of the science we do for next year as I have a 6 yo ds and an 8 yo ds. Thanks for your thoughts ladies! I really appreciate all of your ideas Ann-Marie
How are you introducing poetry to the little people? Ann-Marie
What did you think of them? Are they worthwhile or did you find that they were more of a lapbooking type of thing you could do yourself?
I have some great books for next year, but, am searching (unsuccessfully) for ideas to expand upon the lessons. We are going to be working on early America, the Age of Discovery, the Colonial period and Native Americans, plus a few other things. If anyone has anything to share I would GREATLY appreciate it Ann-Marie
I was wondering where you all were for history next year? What grades are you dc too? Many thanks Ann-Marie
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