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Quote: If society in general is "normal", then I sure hope and pray that my kiddos turn out to be "weird"! Amen These are great! Keep them coming! For us it's like any other parenting decision that we have made that may be along the road less traveled (or more traveled these days )...I just tend to turn a deaf ear as much as possible to avoid nastiness at all costs!
Anyone use it? What are your thoughts on it? I have a few friends who love it and swear it is wonderful. Ann-Marie
Quote: A friend, while handing me a jean jumper: "Here, you are homeschooling, you'll need this" Um, she wasn't joking I hope you wear it every time you see her These are great!
I was at a LLL meeting a few years back when I was still thinking about possibly hs DS1 and the leader was so nice and sweet and was just giving off that vibe that she was. I was immediately drawn to her and asked her for her email addy and then proceeded to email her and loosely direct the conversation that way just to see and she was. She has been such a great friend and source of info all around too. I think it is just a vibe you give off. If I had to characterize...
Oh I have an old one and a brand new one. I was in Walmart the other day and we were in the toothpaste aisle and a vendor was there checking out the shelves and noticed that my three boys were there during school hours and commented "No school today?" I replied we have school every day, we homeschool So she had the nerve to immediately go for the jugular with the *yawn* socialization topic and then answered her own question by saying she guessed it was okay since they...
That is a bunch of garbage! My son was 6 when he joined. Now it maybe that he cannot join because he is five not because he is home schooled. You should clarify that with them because I know our den is now working on getting a five year old section started. They normally begin at 6 yo. I don't think that man gave you a very good answer. Is there another den in your area you can check out? I would not want to be part of that if it were the real reason. We now have...
I just need to say that I LOVE this thread!!! I love hearing everyone's answers. Okay here goes... (1) Do you intend to homeschool through 12th grade? I take it year by year. I only commit to one year at a time in my mind. It is easier for me that way. (2) Do you expect that your children will go to college? I definitely hope so. (3) What homeschool ideology (?) do you follow, i.e. Classical, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason....? Well in the first year we were...
We are so excited about getting involved in our first co-op this fall. I saw the list of classes from last year and they were really phenomenal! I am thinking of possibly teaching a class too, but still on the fence about doing it now or in spring. Did you enjoy them? What types of classes did your kiddos take? Ann-Marie
I really love you guys! You are such a nice group and have been so thoughtful and helpful to me over the past few years. It is nice to be able to share ideas and feelings with you all. Thanks again! Ann-Marie:
Oh I like that!
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