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I bought it too and got it yesterday. It looks great. It was on sale at Amazon.
Quote: We are ALL already "homeschooling parents" the moment that naked screaming bundle comes out(maybe even in the womb, too)! I always make that joke to people that we all homeschool you just don't realize it
I want to buy Handbook of Nature Study from Amazon and need to spend 8.78 to qualify for super saver shipping. Any suggestions????? Anything cheap that you bought there recently for school? Thanks Ann-Marie
Quote: But just when I start to relax, I begin to realize that there is a whole world of homeschooling paths out there, each with its own language. And everyone seems to speak it fluently! I almost feel like the joke is on me... to keep me in the dark about the secret code of homeschooling. I am three years in and sometimes I still feel like I don't speak the language Just relax and follow your instinct. That is what I did. I was pg, very pg...
It is a Charlotte Mason based book and looks fabulous! I was thinking of picking it up and wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on it. Ann-Marie
My son is not really all that into math and I cannot really blame him. Last year we used his MCP workbook and it was boring as can be. Does anyone have any fun ways to get him interested in simple math functions? I am looking to build on his basic addition and subtraction skills. Thanks in advance ladies Ann-Marie:
Fabulous ideas ladies I am not trying to get him to write novels or anything, I just don't want him to immediately be upset once he realizes he has to write something. Thank you for reinforcing the idea that it is still early to expect much from him this way. He does write and writes well and often, but nothing organized as far as paragraph form. We worked on his writing lesson yesterday together and he wrote two sentences and then I wrote the rest. Really at this...
Sometimes I just get overwhelmed with the amount of material there is to choose from and all of the resources available to homeschoolers. When I find something good it usually leads to at least five or more good ideas and so on. I must have well over 100 things bookmarked online and a long list of blogs to check out and the list seems to grow every week. I need to just pick one and stick with it, but it is SO hard most days because I just want to do it all I have...
My 7yo son really does not enjoy writing and especially anything in complete sentences or paragraphs. I got him a fun journal to work on this year, but he is really keeping it short and sweet. I am trying to have him write a little something each week about whatever we are working on for Language Arts, but today he just was not happy at all about it. His writing is very good, with the exception that at times he does confuse his d with a b and gets frustrated having to...
Barbara Loe Fisher Rocks! I would not treat it any differently than any other type of flu, which I do not get alarmed about. Just keep those hands clean and washed, practice good hygiene and get good rest and healthy food
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