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I am trying to find some unit studies for my sons for the solar system, weather, thanksgiving, stars and the seasons. I have googled a few so far but keep coming back to ones that you have to pay for and am really trying to find something simple and free since we are on a pretty tight budget right now. I found some great ones for higher grades, but not too much for the younger set. Does anyone know of any for k-2 that they'd be able to share? Many thanks, Ann-Marie
Quote: I'd show you a picture but it looks like a bomb was dropped in there. That is exactly how I feel right now. Thanks for the link to the previous thread Mama love. I am off to read now. Elizawill that is how we are too. I will have to check out your blog Love looking at new blogs. Thanks for all the input
Do you have a specific area where you do school? If so what does it look like? How about where you keep all of your goodies...supplies and such? I am looking for ways to get WAY more organized than I am right now. Having three little boys seems like a constant battle of picking up and cleaning throughout the day and it has seeped into my previously semi-organized life I have everything I need in one closet which I am trying to revamp and improve upon since it is...
So this is our third year of hs and we have used boxed curriculum for the past two years and it has worked well. I have felt that we have not had as much fun or zest in our learning experiences as possible since there is SO much book work! My sons are 7 and 5 (and 2 ). Well after some contemplating I am ready to give it all the boot and try to pick and choose what we want to learn. I have gotten some great guidance from Lillian and her wonderful site, but I am still...
Does anyone know of a good list for a second grader? Many thanks! Ann-Marie
When I was growing up I always LOVED going shopping for school supplies during the summer. I am looking through my big giant book now trying to decide what to purchase Ann-Marie
Hello all I have one son entering 2nd grade and one about to begin K soon. For the past two years I have used a Catholic HS curriculum complete with submitting all of the samples for their record keeping for my oldest son. I have kept samples of my own as well as copies of what I have sent to them. Between what I have to submit to our school district and to them I am feeling bogged down with keeping records. I am considering not registering my oldest with them this...
My oldest will be entering second grade and I was wondering what you all have planned for your second graders? We will be covering the usual topics, reading, phonics, math, grammar, writing, science, art, music, geography, spelling and history. This year we'll be beginning both boys on spanish as well. What do you intend to do with them for the subjects you will cover? Ann-Marie :
What do you all use for art and music for your little ones? I am in need of some fresh ideas Many thanks! Ann-Marie
We are going into our third year of HS and each year I change things up a little and loosen up a little too We use a curriculum we purchase which is classical in style, but am trying to incorporate some other things into it that are not offered as well as substitute some things for others that I don't care for. How have you come to your decisions to do one of the other? I love hearing everyone's rhyme and reason for their choices. It gives me more ideas to work with. ...
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