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May I ask where the original Meme discussed in this thread was posted - I've never seen it before and I'm curious as to who would post such a thing if in fact it isn't truly how those children died. In general I'm not a fan of memes on either side of the debate. I find that they generally come across as demeaning and mocking which doesn't help any when trying to keep a debate civil and mature.
Just a personal story I remembered after reading this thread. My husband is from an incredibly small town (no stop lights - town isn't even big enough for one). Years ago while we were dating we went for a visit to his grandma and spent a day checking out the tiny town. We stopped at the town cemetery because we wanted to do some research for his family tree, and met up with one of the caretakers of the grounds. He was a HUGE source of knowledge - could tell you the story...
Isn't it possible that there is more than one knowledgable person who works for the cemetery? Wouldn't they have access to the same records? You encouraged Teacosy to call the cemetery and when she does you claim she's incorrect because she spoke with the wrong person.
Are you saying that the gentleman that Teacosy spoke with (Michael) is wrong? Why would a cemetery emplyee purposely give out incorrect information.
Your other post a few days ago said that he sometimes leaves to stay in a hotel - is this apartment very new? I too am wondering how a minor was allowed to sign a lease on an apartment without a parent or guardian if he hasn't been emancipated. He's a minor. If you don't want him staying elsewhere that is your right as his guardian.
At my daughter's most recent visit (for 6th grade) when they called to confirm the appointment we informed the nurse as to which vaccines we would not be doing that day and she made a note on the chart. The doctor did bring it up at the appointment to which I replied that we weren't ready to consider those yet (meningitis and gardasil) but that when she neared high school/college we would revisit our decision as appropriate. Not another word was spoken on the topic.
My life is so very similar - I lost my beloved dad on January and every day feels like I'm replaying that moment in my head. I cannot write more now - Witt my girls and I know just writing about it will bring the tears back. I will write more tonight but until them please know you aren't alone in your grief.
I believe she already has a thread over there - probably just looking for a few more responses by covering a few forums http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1399450/meningitis/0_50#post_17596627
Our schools do this every year and a note comes home if your child gets a concerning result. I remember doing the same tests in grade school as a kid. Since they are completely non-invasive I never even thought twice about it.
Our gas grill is less than 5' from our house on our wood deck. Same for all our neighbors.
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