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I'm about to bake a dessert that involves pretzels, brownie batter, and a salted caramel topping poured over the entire thing and maybe a batch of homemade twinkies....
Yummy!! Plenty for everyone to share too
I have frozen margaritas.......
If the mom of the child with the rash had posted the picture or asked someone to post it on her behalf here then I would agree. But sharing a picture of another person's child without permission seem wrong.
The real question to me is did she ask to share the photo - if not then I think it's wrong for her to post a picture of someone else's child (even without the face showing) on a public message board. Just my personal opinion of course, not sure how MDC looks at these things.
I agree with you as well.
Yet you reposted it.
Agreed. It is really bizarre.Personally I don't like when people post memes as a sort of attack on the other side - seems a bit childish. Also posting pictures of headstones and other people's children without explicit permission from the person's/parents seems wrong to me. Children and those deceased cannot defend themselves properly. Just doesn't seem right.
If the original picture bothered you so much why did you start a thread to repost it - seems counterproductive.Also you seem really bothered when others have posted images without a source link yet there is no link in your original post. When a member inquired you refused based on the content of the site. One would think if the originating site was THAT offensive it wouldn't be a good idea to bring images here to MDC.
Eh, memes are way overused used by both sides of the debate when it comes to vaccines. Rarely do they accomplish to change the position of most but they sure do have a way of firing up a discussion.I personally find them annoying regardless of content. Seems like a "junior high" type way to prove a point.
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