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Taxi I casually paged through your post history since you joined last spring and in the 30+ pages I browsed I found only maybe 5 posts outside of the Vaccination forums. Seems like you are equally as passionate as Rrrachel since you haven't changed your stance on any vaxes either.
Where exactly was the information provided - I am unable to find a link that supports Pek64's claims in any of her posts.
Serenbat I see you haven't returned to this thread - just wondering if you had a chance to find the source of the quotes you provided. I searched your original links and found no trace of your quotes. I even made sure to try the links in both of your posts with no luck.
I searched the link listed both above and below the quote you copied and did not find it on either page.
Well the quote you have in your post does not come from the page listed immediately above it.Edited to clarify: I see that you took it from another's post on a different mothering thread. Why not just list the link originally provided instead of making people hunt and search for it - seems kinda childish to me.
In your opinion. Not everyone shares your opinion so no need to make "your opinion" any clearer.
She wasn't quoting in that post, she was asking a question - quit accusing her of doing something she didn't do.
Considering it has been more than a week with fever and hearing difficulties I would start the antibiotics immediately. I wouldn't want to risk permanent hearing loss.
My apologies - I didn't realize the forum and will delete my post if requested.
There was ONE post that mentioned "celebrating" and it wasn't in the sense that you suggest Taxi. And let's be honest - if you no longer plan on vaxing its not a place you belong. Jenny I would absolutely consider your position to be one that fits on there - the majority of moms do not follow the traditional schedule even if they eventually do have their child receive most or all childhood vaccinations. If you are contemplating a vaccination, even if its your first, your...
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