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Honestly manicured doesn't mean no ticks. Our lawn is frequently cut with very few trees yet my family has come in with ticks. If they are in your area you must assume that they are everywhere.
Our playground at school borders on a wooded area where deer are known to live. Tick have been found at the school and if necessary are removed by the school nurse with a call home to let them know to just keep an eye out for any rashes.
I live in the suburbs and find ticks on my dog and sometimes my daughters every summer. You cannot assume that a less woody location will completely protect him from exposure to ticks.
My daughter is 11 and in all these situations my take has been to let her decide what she wants to do. The preteen/teen years can be tough enough, if shaving will make her more comfortable then so be it. I just make sure that there is always a good supply of fresh razors in the bathroom so she doesn't even have to ask.
I understand this point - didn't read the comments on the article so I'm not certain what was said.I agree this doesn't belong here in debate, but I have no disagreement with the opinion that it is an appropriate topic for INV.
I already stated that I felt this story didnt belong here and was better suited on the general health forum.You were the one who stated that this story didn't belong with vaccine discussion:I was just curious why you stated that this story never have been posted with vaccinations when you are clearly posting on the other thread. Did you mean that it didn't belong in debate because I would agree with that statement.
I agree. This has nothing to do with vaccines and would maybe be better suited for the general health board.
The same story is posted on the INV board - is it ok to discuss there?
In school they have "book clubs" that are actually their reading groups so they read together and discuss daily. The books aren't always favorites of my girls but they always read what is assigned to them. Fun reading at night has no restrictions
Agreed. My daughters' both have high reading levels and my theory has always been to encourage them to read, regardless of what it is. I don't police reading levels or content, as long as they are enjoying what they read I'm happy. Of course they may not have chosen what is assigned for their reading groups at school but they understand that when it comes to homework they may not always like the book but they must read it to satisfy class requirements.
New Posts  All Forums: