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I'm not Teacozy but I did see her apology to you on your callout thread before it disappeared from the boards completely.
Since ob's aren't the ones giving epidurals this really isn't a problem as an anaestheologigt will place epidurals. The shift length for anaestheologigt is generally much shorter than that of a resident doctor or an ob who is on call at the hospital. I know during my one hospital birth I saw 3 different anaestheologigts due to shift changes.
I agree about Kyle. His posts were simply disgusting and inappropriate towards that poor mom. He should have been banned immediately instead of allowing him to continue posting for hours.While I would never compare what Kyle did to the taunting and harassing (not sure if I have the correct word there) that Chickabiddy is referencing. It's generally the same members (from both sides of the debate) but it does get to be a bit much. Where is the line drawn where action is...
They gave her two shots?? Yikes, I thought it was just the one. Does your daughter even know what the second shot was?
I'm not hearing that at all in any of her posts.
Yikes! You do realize that everyone that disagrees with you here at MDC isn't just a nasty old troll, right? In fact Cwill has been a member here longer than you have been around.Maybe the debate forum isn't a healthy place for you to visit Maggie, you seem to get quite upset when someone questions you on something.
Do you have any links that show that vaccines during pregnancy cause birth defects - it's one of those statements that are best believed with some concrete backup.
It really depends on where you live and the places where your twins spend time. Lead poisoning is nothing to joke about & the screening, while unpleasant for a moment, could provide you with important information.
"IF you read what I posted I did say - Dr's areN'T (are not) telling patients to stop the vaccine, they simply can't because another part of the govt hasn't given the recommendation to do so, and yet ANOTHER part has to check into the effectiveness and go through yet another list of procedures to (if they do) withdraw the vaccines - this is all time IF it even happens! ​How you jumped to me saying that Dr should tell their patients to stop is beyond me! The rest of the...
But the friend didn't say that she wanted to leave, just that her sons. And if you've never had an 11 year old child you might not realize that they are often embarrassed my everything and anything.I guess I just don't understand how some here can't understand and respect a mom for being honest. I don't think that forcing her sons to be in an environment that makes them uncomfortable just to normalize breast feeding is reasonable. Modesty isn't something to be ashamed of,...
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