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Honestly? I couldn't tell who you were addressing with your post. There have been quite a few really old posts resurrected lately - just seems kinda odd when these same threads were locked not too long ago.
You know this a 4 year old thread? Where do these old threads keep appearing from - I thought they had all been locked years back...
Show me where the op's friend shamed her or sexualized her breasts in any way.
Hmm. Seems like there are lots of new members bumping really old threads all over the place lately.
Yes but sometimes a loving foster family is a better option than home.
Just because a family is well off and appears to be doing everything right in raising their children does not make them immune to making mistakes. If I encountered a child alone in a car who was in a potentially dangerous situation (extreme heat/cold, child distressed, etc) I would not even think twice about calling the police if I felt the situation warranted immediate attention. Heck I called the police when I came upon a tiny, obviously distressed dog who was left...
Based in the OP we really don't know how well the kids know their grandparents, just that they live a distance away (how far exactly isn't specified - so it's possible that they might only live an hour's drive or less away) and want to spend more time with their grandkids.Isn't there also a chance that there is something going on in the parent's lives that they need their parents help with childcare? I'm just not comfortable judging these parents as making a poor choice...
It truly depends on the baby. My nieces were spending 2 weeks at a time with their grandparents by age 2, something my own girls wouldn't make it through.
My girls have definitely had Happy Meals and we do tend to patronize fast food rather frequently due to crazy evening schedules. I have never made food an issue in our house because even at a young age my girls loved healthy foods just as much, if not more, than the junky treats. After seeing several friends go hog wild in college after having restrictive food choices at home I decided that as long as the majority of the time we were having healthy diets I wouldn't stress...
New Posts  All Forums: