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"In this case, yes I do. Not only would my baby not bother anyone but I am a pretty good judge of what is appropriate for my infant." But the point is those in charge of arranging the event feel differently. Is the reunion at a bar or somewhere that serves alcohol? As was mentioned earlier liquor laws sometimes state that no one under 21 may be in an establishment which holds a liquor license after a certain time of night. Your baby in a sling could put a license in...
The law might disagree with you in some places because I have been to establishments where all children under 21 must leave before a certain hour due to local liquor laws.
This example is a total strawman argument and, IMO, lame. Comparing banning a group of people based on race and banning children from an adult event (where they may not be allowed to be present by law) is simply ridiculous.
Yep. Me too.
While you have every right to disagree with her reasoning, don't put words in her mouth that she didn't say.
We have 3 holiday parties a year here - Halloween/fall party, winter party on the last day before Christmas break, and valentine's day and I'm absolutely fine with them. There always seems to be a nice balance of treats including sweets, popcorn, fruits, once there was even a mom who would send in homemade egg rolls (I loved those parties!). It's only a total of 3 hours out of the entire school year - not over the top in any way.
And I ask why should the government be able to decide how moms who are struggling financially feed their children.
So it is! This sure has been happening quite a bit lately...odd.
I really hope that this isn't a serious reply because the level of snark if serious is pretty obnoxious.I can understand limiting the organic options when funding is so in jeopardy. Better to help more babies with regular milk, eggs, and peanut butter than to help just a few because of the increased cost of organics.
Except the OP clearly states that she is with her child, soothing him, when he is crying. That is NOT CIO. Just like a child crying in the car while some comforts them isnt either. If a loving person is right there providing comfort then it is not CIO.This post is not at all helpful and if anything only knocks a mom down even more who came here for advice and not a lecture from someone who apparently knows better.
New Posts  All Forums: