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I'm not sure why you are ranting away here but if it makes you feel better, well rant away but you don't have to be rude about it. I understand what IRL means - no need to school me. I was simply asking you if you acknowledge that there are unvaccinated children who develop autism. There are a number of members here, at least several who have been around long enough to be considered credible, who have clearly stated that their unvaccinated children are autistic. Do you...
Your point is what?? I wasn't discussing what any ither members here have said. YOU stated that you have never met a child IRL that was unvaccinated and autistic. I was asking YOU if you had somehow missed the numerous posts by moms here who have unvaccinated children that are autistic. Again just because we haven't seen something with our own eyes doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
But surely you have read the posts here made by moms of unvaccinated children who are autistic right? Just because you haven't met one IRL doesn't make it impossible. Heck how many posts have there been here at MDC saying they have never known a child with a serious vaccine reaction - while they may be telling the truth it certainly doesn't mean severe reactions don't exist.
I was up walking within 6 hours of delivery (she was born at midnight so I got moving when I woke up the next morning) and was doing the stairs in my house a few times a day three days later when I was discharged from the hospital.
"In this case, yes I do. Not only would my baby not bother anyone but I am a pretty good judge of what is appropriate for my infant." But the point is those in charge of arranging the event feel differently. Is the reunion at a bar or somewhere that serves alcohol? As was mentioned earlier liquor laws sometimes state that no one under 21 may be in an establishment which holds a liquor license after a certain time of night. Your baby in a sling could put a license in...
The law might disagree with you in some places because I have been to establishments where all children under 21 must leave before a certain hour due to local liquor laws.
This example is a total strawman argument and, IMO, lame. Comparing banning a group of people based on race and banning children from an adult event (where they may not be allowed to be present by law) is simply ridiculous.
Yep. Me too.
While you have every right to disagree with her reasoning, don't put words in her mouth that she didn't say.
We have 3 holiday parties a year here - Halloween/fall party, winter party on the last day before Christmas break, and valentine's day and I'm absolutely fine with them. There always seems to be a nice balance of treats including sweets, popcorn, fruits, once there was even a mom who would send in homemade egg rolls (I loved those parties!). It's only a total of 3 hours out of the entire school year - not over the top in any way.
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