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http://www.mothering.com/community/a/copyright-concerns A link directing readers to a discussion or article instead of the actual content itself. 100 words or less from an article as long as those 100 words are not a substantial part of the piece. If you are quoting from a short work such as a poem or a short article, 100 words may not be an acceptable fair use allowance. You should restrict yourself to a minimal quote from the piece. Anything more requires permission to...
Kathy is correct about the quote rule but it isn't really MDC's rule, it's a copyright violation to quote more without permission from the author of the quote. Not really a good point to attack her on - she was potentially preventing you from getting in trouble for violating the UA (which is where the quote limit rule can be found).
Care to explain your reason for taking such a snarky attitude with me? I asked an honest question and I'm pretty sure I'm intelligent enough to understand the PP's reasoning.
May I ask why you would avoid vaccinated children?
I am the member who mentioned the word Nazi and my comparison was simply because the OP was suggesting a mark for the unvaccinated that was strikingly similar to those forced upon Jews in Germany. I was certainly not comparing the suffering of those persecuted in Germany, just the mark to publicly declare some as a sort of public nuisance. If anyone misunderstood me please accept my apologies but I stand by my analogy. Not ok then, not ok now.FWIW, my children are...
I don't believe there is an official troll policy but I'm kinda shocked that this was allowed to remain on the board. How is this any different than marking the Jews in Germany during the Nazi era. The entire idea is offensive and inappropriate for discussion here.
We always purchase popcorn and drinks at the theater but will sometimes have a bit of candy in my purse for snacking.
But considering the baby was visibly bruised it may have been necessary to ask for consent immediately after birth.OP since your little one was bruised I think you made the right decision, but I understand second guessing and regretting decisions made later. Been there, done that. Probably one of the harder parts of parenting - worrying that you are making the best choices for your baby. Be easy on yourself - chances are there will be no lasting effects from the vitamin k.
Absolutely - with the individual vaxes parents will have a much better chance at identifying which caused a reaction. I have never been a fan of vaxes like Pentacel, just too much packed into one vaccination. My kids didn't like needle sticks, but if my kids were little and in the age group needing those covered by Pentacel I would much rather break it down into three separate vaxes than lump it into one mega-shot.
How would replacing Pentacel translate into 5 needle sticks in one visit if Pentacel contains DTaP, HIB, and and IPV. At most that would require 3 needle sticks as DTaP is not available in individual vaccines.
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