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NiteNicole did you know shoulder pain can be caused by gas?
http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1386088/looks-like-i-am-not-holding-this-pregnancy-ill-be-bowing-out-for-a-spell/0_50#post_17396107 :-(
I would be concerned that such a young baby could easily become dehydrated from diarrhea when already sick.
Could you just say that yes, you vaccinated in the past and that you don't plan on any more? Honestly I think saying that you are completely through with vaccinations and plan on no more will get you less hassle than trying to explain a delayed schedule.
Honestly, I think I would just submit the exemption so that you don't give them the opportunity to question why some vaccines are ok and others aren't. Why ask for trouble if you don't have to.
I read all the posts here and yes, there is some thick, heavy judgement being passed. But sadly, that doesn't surprise me in the least because the mommy wars have proven to be quite prevalent here in recent years.As to your example of the 18 month old who drinks 6 cans of Coke a day - first could you point out to me where that was mentioned (I seemed to have missed that) and second please tell me that no one here really thinks that is a true tale. A young child consuming...
A superficial scratch wouldn't concern me at all with regards to tetanus.
Happy to say that our Dr did mention this about varicella recently but, in the same visit, forgot to give me the VIS before I left (and I totally forgot to ask for it...kinda embarrassed to admit that.)
http://www.mothering.com/community/a/copyright-concerns A link directing readers to a discussion or article instead of the actual content itself. 100 words or less from an article as long as those 100 words are not a substantial part of the piece. If you are quoting from a short work such as a poem or a short article, 100 words may not be an acceptable fair use allowance. You should restrict yourself to a minimal quote from the piece. Anything more requires permission to...
Kathy is correct about the quote rule but it isn't really MDC's rule, it's a copyright violation to quote more without permission from the author of the quote. Not really a good point to attack her on - she was potentially preventing you from getting in trouble for violating the UA (which is where the quote limit rule can be found).
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