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Hi everyone!  My story is similar to many of the other posts.  I was a vegetarian for almost 20 years and brought up both of my sons to eat that way as well.  Recently however I started eating meat again.  I am fortunate to live in an area where we have lots of local food (both veggies and meat) available to us year round.  I suddenly found myself choosing local apples (even if they weren't certified organic) over organic apples flown in from another country.  I found...
Just putting in my vote for visiting Burlington and also the Montshire Museum in Norwich. Have fun!
Oh I totally agree that sports and activities are good for kids. I want to try and fit it into our lives somehow. My DH and I both grew up doing sports as kids. They just didn't seem to be as crazy back then though. My two boys are showing interest in soccer so I think I might give that a try.
Do your children participate in sports? If so how many and how often? So far my children haven't shown much interest in sports and we haven't pushed the issue. I see so many people who's lives are ruled by sports schedules I honestly don't know how I would fit it in. I work full time now out of the house and I feel like I have a hard enough time dealing with the after school home work and dinner rush. I can't imagine piling sports on top of that. I also really value...
I just want to put in my vote for Winooski Family Health also. I have had contact with most of the doctors there and I have been so happy with them all! Good luck!
Barefoot no longer has a registration fee. The starter pack (which is optional) is $99. You are correct that the website is $10 a month. I think it is a personal choice. I think Barefoot Books stand out more and I have found the Celebration of Art & Story theme behind their books makes them unique. These books pop out at fairs and events.
Friday night we ended up at the ER with my 6 year old. At 4:30 on Friday he swallowed a round magnet from his Magnetix Magnetic Building Set. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and he came in and said "Mom I just swallowed one of the magnets." I freaked out (shouldn't have) and actually yelled at him at first. I was scared and pissed. He has never put stuff in his mouth before. Anyways then I got scared. I called the Dr. and they told me to take him to the ER. ...
I personally don't like character products and choose not to buy them. We watch limited TV and no movies so my children have had very little exposure to most of the mass marketed characters. I do not let my children choose what food products we buy. I do the food shopping so there is never even a discussion about what cereal I bring home. We never buy toys except for birthdays and holidays. They do not expect or beg for things to be bought if we are out and about. Of...
My DS is 6 and is in Kindergarten. We are upstairs in PJS, teeth brushed by 7:00. we read books and lights out by 7:30. He gets up for school at 6:30am and on the weekends gets up anywhere from 6:30-7:00ish.
I got my 6 year old one of the bento style lunch boxes by lap top lunch www.laptoplunches.com We love it!!
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