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And I hope I don't offend anyone.  These opinions are about the specific people in my life and trying figure out my whole life based on my new knowledge of the autistic spectrum.  Obviously there is more going on than what was written in my short descriptions.
If anyone is still around, I started a new thread:   http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1387936/adult-children-of-aspergers-hf-autistic-parents   And could really use some help making sense of my life.
Maybe just too much
We drive a Kia Sedona and a Hyundai Santa Fe with a third row.  We like the Sedona for traveling but to ride around the Santa Fe seems to be roomier.  Mostly DH drives the Santa Fe and I drive the Sedona though
I had her yesterday around 7pm.  Labor started so fast and hard that I was unable to post anything anywhere prior to birth as there was no early labor or signs! We were completely unprepared and had no plans to have a baby yesterday.  Here's the rough version of the story.   On March 30, 2014, I had an appointment with my midwife at about 39 weeks 1 day in the morning.    Baby was head down engaged but I didn’t really have any other signs of impending labor.   After...
Had an appointment this morning and I think she was the saying the baby was engaged and ready to go?  So I guess baby could be born anytime in the next few weeks....Not suprrising since I'm 39 weeks.  She estimates baby at 8 lbs and we are hoping she doesn't get any bigger :)
  Congratulations!   I wonder if it's normal to be this grumpy this late (basically 39 weeks).  I am so angry at Dh for just being himself (the himself that I married) that I don't even think I want him to be there when our baby is born :(  I've thought about calling my midwife so many times and asking her to find anotherr assistant because I'd rather her assistant be my doula if I need one because I can't stand dh.  If I kick my husband out, do you think this will pose a...
Thanks everyone.  I'm getting better from my fall. It was rough going last night and this morning. DH was literally have to support my weight as I walked but tonight I cleaned our bathroom and everything seems good except getting in and out of bed and rolling over.  I probably won't be squatting when I have this baby unless things improve a lot!  Even the acceptance issues are getting better very slowly.  That part will take some time.   In other news, I'm not ready...
38 weeks and 5 days. If I go tonight, I won't be happy!  We must wait until April!
I forgot to say thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Today has been better for the most part. Lots of distraction.  I'm sure there will be lots of ups and downs if life continues to take me down this path.
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