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I always liked Playtex drop ins when I was working. I would pump directly into them using the pump attachment/kit and then I would freeze upright and put the drop in part into a freezer bag so I'd end up with lots of "tubes" of milk frozen. 
So, just when I really need to get things washed for the baby, the dryer goes out :(  I kind of wanted all of her stuff to be soft. At least at first.  It keeps breaking and dh keeps fixing it.   I read that coconut oil can help with Group B strep so we are going to try making and eating a lot of these:   http://www.cookingtf.com/real-food-storage-peppermint-patties/   Also read that dates make birth easier so thinking about some homemade Lara Bars too!
Thank you! I noticed they had it on Kindle so I downloaded it :)
I don't know if I'd put a lot of stock in it being hereditary. My mom was over due with me and had long labors.  My labors are fairly short compared to hers and I've been like clockwork around 40 weeks every time (so far!).  My pregnancies don't seem to have resembled hers at all. Sorry, I'm not help but I know I will feel similar to you if I go over this time.
Went to a chiropractor to help my lower back pain today. I've always been afraid to go because my friends actually seem addictor to their chiropractors but this one seemed ok.  She had a brochure for our pediatrician (who delays vax) and a link to our state midwife lobby so I knew she'd be ok.  My back feels much better. It had been hurting so bad that I'm still afraid to stand up for fear that it will still hurt but it doesn't.
Does anyone have a resource for monitoring heart tones in labor? What's normal? What's not? Where to place doppler as baby moves down?  Thanks.
I use depends for the first couple of days and then switch back to my cloth pads that I usually use.
  I usually have the ONLY during pregnancy.  Usually starting at about 10 weeks and going to about 30. I've been blessed this time that it's only been some fairly mild anxiety attacks.
I think the trust in your midwife comes as you get to know her better. At this point, you may have only had a couple of appointments.  Ask her all the questions you can think of at your appointments. Ask how she plans to handle various complications.  I think that knowing you have a midwife that has a line between "right" and "wrong" will help.  It never looks good for a midwife to bring in a "train wreck" so I think most would transfer before it got to that...
Last night I felt "head butts" about once every8-10 minutes for about an hour and a half.  There did seem to be some peaking in the pain. I've learned that anything timeable should never be ignored at the end of pregnancy so after some research, it seems that braxton hicks can cause the headbutts.  Today, it appears that she has wiggled her way down in the pelvis just a bit. 
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