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Mine has always been bearable until pushing and and it was bearable during pushing the first time. I was reading in the Emergency Childbirth Manual that my fear of pushing might actually be the cause of all that pain so this time I guess I need to find something relaxing to focus on.  Can I have wine just before pushing? or better yet, at nice margarita?
I'm dealing with a lot of the same. I actually, I spend all day hiding from DH because he is causing me (not on purpose) an extreme amount of anxiety and my older kids do nothing but argue which I think is caused by the same behaviors that are making me hide out in my bedroom/office.  Add to that the midwife I want will not be here for a week after I turn 38 weeks and that makes me stressed too. It's #4 so in addition I'm worried we won't be able to handle all the kids. ...
In the past I've blown it up at 36 weeks and leaned it against a wall in our bedroom.  This time, our midwife is going to go ahead and send her pool home with us as at 38 weeks and I guess we'll wait until labor to put it up.   I prefer my bedroom. I have everything I need in there except the kitchen.  We can fit the pool and we have a large bathroom and space to walk around and close me off from the rest of the house should the kids or my mom be here. I'm planning for...
Me too. Same EDD and everything BUT my midwife will be out of town at that time so I'm hoping that I won't go then!
Last time I was 39 weeks pregnant and went to a sporting event one of my kids was competing in.  The bathroom was at the top of a big ole hill and a man yelled at me "You'd have an easier time rolling down that!"   I was not amused. Honestly, it's the first negative comment I've received while pregnant.
My history says I'm more likely to give birth near a new moon.   http://www.calendar-365.com/moon/moon-phases.html
Cananny: What cute little guys!   FireSpiritMelody: Government tends to get in the way of a lot :( But how awesome that you started a business with cash!   We had a midwife appointment this morning and baby girl is head down. Yay! Nothing is ready though. I will be 35 weeks on Friday and I haven't opened the birth kit. The rest of the stuff is either scattered or hasn't been purchased.  Hopefully we will fix that soon.
Research!   First was a natural hospital birth but I wanted to have her at home so bad I was willing to UC. Dh wasn't.   Second. Homebirth.   Third Homebirth.   For us it's been a decision we felt was right but we do feel that there are conditions that warrant a hospital and while I might be disappointed, we'd be at the hospital should any complications arise.
I didn't. I found myself recovering quicker on the same dose and felt really, really awesome compared to the other pregnancies. My dose never went down but it didn't go up really either.  I know I was told that 4 weeks after birth, I needed to be rechecked.  And for the first 6 months or so they kept a really good check on it.
I had a really hard time finding anyone who was willing to do it and in the end sent my kids away :( Most doulas are in it for their love of birth and didn't want to have to "take care of " children even if they were 8 and 5 and fairly idependent.  It's a much needed service and I'd train and do it if I was more fit for something like that.
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