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Sometimes it can be cultural too. I was (and to an extent still am) extremely offended that my IL's expected a parenting role.  They actually treated me like I didn't exist and should be able to do what they  wanted with my children. DH explained that part of it was that his grandparents lived just down the road from him and they did have a parenting role.  They disciplined (spanking :( ) and made decisions for him as if they were his parents.  I hated this and it is...
I'm already on a strict gluten free diet but other than that we've been eating poorly. We ate all organic and whole foods, home cooked meals for two weeks and we all felt awesome at the end of it.  Then I got big and slow and it went out the window :(  Planning to try it again soon since my SPD is healing and I'm getting around a little better.
We lived near DH's family for one year. It was all we could stand it.  The free baby sitting was nice but they wanted dd ALL. THE. TIME. and they expected to have input (read: their way) in her upbringing.  If they could not treat us as if we know nothing about children and life, it would help.  I'm at the point now though that with the baby, I intend to ask at the first criticism:  How many babies have you had?  2?  Well this is my fourth. I think my experience with...
Just ran across this and thought it would make an interesting conversation piece for us :)   http://www.drmomma.org/2012/04/chocolate-placenta-truffles.html
BMC Neal: I'd also tell your mom no.   regarding the pump: I used the Ameda Purely Yours and it worked great. There are some areas where it beats the PIS as well.   Regarding Moms: my mom and I usually don't get along but she was awesome after my last baby was born. MIL came after my first two were born at DH's insistence. I have now realized that my IL's may possibly be to blame for the severe panic attacks I suffered during the last 3 pregnancies. I have hardly...
DD1 39 weeks 6 days DD2 39 weeks 6 days DS  40 weeks   Really, Really, hoping for it to be pretty close this time too.
Mine previous babies have been on time. My midwife is flying across the country for 5 days the day after I hit 38 weeks.  I'd really like to be 39 weeks plus before I have this one! So maybe this one will be right on time like the others. Realistically, this should be my last baby so I'm really not in a rush.
Having a lot of the same experience! Will probably wait until labor to decide on going in for a C-section is my guess.  Sometimes I think she has turned head down and then tonight I felt a head near the top again. How frustrating! It took half our ultrasound time to get decent pictures.
Congrats Cananny!
This is happening to me too :(   1st pregnancy: active for a month- lost all my weight by 6 weeks post partum; walked to run errands pp. 2nd pregnancy: walked 2-5 miles a day for about 4-5 months; never lost the weight; didn't have the energy for pp exercise 3rd pregnancy: completely inactive- lost weight within 4 1/2 months and kept going- I started exercising agressively 5 weeks pp
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