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When I had my first MW appointment I was given the option of a "consult" or an "intake" appointment -- the first would have been more discussion, the second was a full exam. I chose the second, because I knew I wanted to switch to this practice -- I would find out if you can make an appointment as a new patient rather than as a consult.
I'm looking for recs for a friend. Her son is healthy but on the small side, and they'd like to talk to a ped. nutritionist to make sure they're doing everything they should for him. Breastfeeding knowledge/support is a must. She doesn't want to be told that she has to wean (he just turned one in Feb). They are in the New Brunswick area but have family up here in Bayonne as well... I know she'll travel a bit if it's a supportive dr. (that's covered by their...
I might not have questioned it, but honestly I'm not sure if I would put a stranger's diaper on my baby's face. Ever since reading a story a year or two ago (maybe on Diaper Swappers?) of someone spreading staph or MRSA or something through selling her baby's diapers, I have been cautious about buying/using used diapers. IEven if they arrive to me pristine, I will still make sure to wash them on hot for a few cycles before using. Even if it was mostly "urban...
It's called "SmartPost", it's a new thing now. I've had a few packages delivered this way. I'm assuming it cuts costs for them while bringing in a little more revenue for the USPS.
I had to take my 4-month-old to my friend's father's funeral. It was sudden, but not a surprise, as he had been sick for a while. I would not have been able to go if I didn't bring him -- but I did clear it with them first, and they seemed glad to have him there. He became fussy just after the service started, but I was sitting near the back and just slipped out to the lobby where there was a couch and space to walk around.
My younger brother lives in Red Bank. Very hip, nice little shops (a friend owns a yarn shop there), good restaurants. Close to major highways, they have a Whole Foods nearby and a Trader Joe's is coming soon. I'm sorry I don't know very much about the schools, no kids yet for my brother and SIL, and any friends I have that grew up there would've gone through the public schools 20 years ago!
We live right outside NYC and our good friends live in a suburb of Philly. We met up with them last summer at the Garden State Discovery Museum - http://www.discoverymuseum.com/ in Cherry Hill. The kids really enjoyed it; they were 5, 3 and 1 at the time.
I agree that this wouldn't be a great gift for a wedding shower. It would be a great gift to give privately, or sometime down the road, but I can't help think that she'd be really embarrassed to have people believe that she already might be pregnant before the wedding. (I would be!) No amount of explaining at the shower would stop people from talking, at least in my circles. If you want to give "something", a "romance" type honeymoon gift, with a small contribution to...
I have done something similar! We have identical twin girls who live next door, and while I always knew there were twins, it took me a long time to realize that I could tell them apart by their personality alone - one gives a shy smile and wave when we see her, the other practically leaps over our fence to talk to the boys.
Dr. Richard Dicker = pediatrician in Denville, married to Marla Scott Dr. Paul Dicker = OB in Westwood (thank you Google and old MDC threads! )
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