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I just stumbled upon this thread and have a question. Do you have to have a bachelor's degree to join the Lionbridge team?
I love to go on nightly walks with the family to relax.  A nice manicure and pedicure doesn't hurt either. ;)   This product seems awesome http://www.spastation.com/masque-apothecary-oil-balance-with-aluminum-silicate-masque.html
Is anyone else out there still having postpartum bleeding?  I thought it was gone around 6 weeks, but came back.  Now, at about 9 weeks pp, I'm still having a bit of discharge...enough to where I have to wear a pantiliner.  Grr....Seriously, I've never had it last this long.
Congratulations! Enjoy your babymoon.  My lo is already 5 weeks...I miss those first few days. Have fun! :)
Congratulations! She's beautiful and I love her name. :)
So sorry.  That's a lot to deal with. Hugs...
Wow! So cool.  The look on your hubby's face must have been priceless. :) Congratulations on your little one!
Thinking of you Annette and praying for a speedy recovery.  Congratulations on your twins!
He's so handsome! Congrats!!
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