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that little diaper looks so big on him! adorable :)
      Isabel falls asleep every time I put her in the sling. This is a newborn jersey sling from BabyEtte
A friend took a few photos for us on Sunday :)          
I am so sorry for your loss. I cannot even imagine the heartbreak. 
Here is Isabel :)        
We delay and are selective. We'll probably start around age 1 like we did with the others. 
Isabel Marie was born at 5:19am today. 8lbs 6oz and perfectly healthy. Breastfeeding great :) It was a longer and harder labor than with my first 2. I'll post more once I'm home. 
I'm in the hospital. 6cm, 80% effaced. Looks like it's tonight :)
I have 2 girls already. 6 and 4 years old. We're waiting until they are old enough to want them and to take care of the cleaning themselves. 
Congratulations IronMam!!!
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