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      40 weeks
I'm feeling about the same IronMam. Lots of contractions, some plug maybe, lower back pain. Still not sure anything is happening though. I'm due tomorrow too. 
How nice of them! That's exciting :)     
I had a midwife appointment today and she checked and I'm at 3cm. I had some contractions every 10 minutes for over an hour and then they spaced out again. Now they are kind of back, but about 15 min apart. My blood pressure was high today and that isn't something I've had a problem with and some people said theirs shot up right before labor so maybe that's good? 
He's gorgeous :) Congratulations. 
I loved the moby with my second! It's way too hot here though so I have a newborn ring sling on loan from a friend, a Baby Hawk, and an Ergo performance. I kind of want a gauze wrap too, but we'll see. 
Congrats Tiff4ny!
  37 weeks 5 days
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