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That sounds like a good strategy :) A couple sips won't hurt anything too if you need it to be more convincing. 
My first came a few hours after her due date and my second was born on her due date :) Maybe this one will be a day early?
I'm not excited yet either. I find myself saying things like "if I'm still pregnant when your parents come in September we should tell them then" and "if we have a baby in April".
I came on here to see what everyone else was writing. I filed mine back in July and it just got sent back because I had used the wrong form. I guess they changed it right after I printed it. I love what you said ButtersJCat, but my daughter has had her DTaP and Polio vaccines so I don't think that will work for us. When she registered for school I gave them a copy of the old form and I'm kind of hoping they won't notice and I won't have to deal with this until next year.
I guess I'm joining. I just got my bfp and I'm due the end of April. I'm 30 and this will be our third child if all goes well. I've had 2 losses and a chemical pregnancy since my second child was born. 
We don't have tv, but we tried to watch a few clips online. They way the website was set up though we couldn't watch much at all without having tv. You have to log in. 
That is such a difficult age to be nursing. My daughter just turned 3 and is almost weaned, but we went through the same thing. I would just gently put her off by saying we needed to wait so I could make more milk for her and so we could go sit somewhere comfortable. I did not give in to the tantrums. I said I was sorry that she was sad, but she still needed to wait awhile. I think we started slow by just making her wait until I finished whatever I was doing and...
These are all great ideas :) We live in the middle of nowhere so no diaper service or even places to buy them. We do have one local mom who makes them and she has already said she would help me out and I have another who sells through Oh Fancy Baby and she will help as well. 
The money saving part would be a great handout. Which statistics do you use? I've seen so many different versions and while they all look good I don't know what is most accurate.
Some friends and I are planning to have a booth at our local Earth Day fair to display and discuss cloth diapering. Do any of you have great ideas on handouts or displays? We're planning to set up a diaper changing station too because there isn't a great place there, but I'm sure most of the diapers will be disposable and we'll have to find an eco friendly and sanitary way to set it up so everyone can use it. Maybe we'll just provide a private place and have them use...
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