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I don't have an infant insert for my gray one. I guess if I buy 2 new purple ones I could maybe take the infant cushions off one of theirs. I wonder if they are compatible with this one we have in gray.  
  I love that car seat! I want the spring or plum color. My daughter's is gray so I might give the baby the gray one because we won't know the sex and get the plum or spring for my girls.    
I must say my husband is being great. It took me a long time to talk him into this baby and he's still not really excited about having 3 kids, but last night when I had heartburn he wanted to run to the store for Tums. He was disappointed when I found some Maalox in the cupboard. I've never sent him out at night for anything and he said he wants me to this time. I usually get up at 6am and make him breakfast before he goes to work and I didn't yesterday. He didn't...
I need to start saving my pennies for car seats. I think I need 3 radians to fit 3 kids in my car and we only have one right now. I need a new wrap too. I have the Moby D with the fleece panel from my winter babies in Germany. I think I need a gauze version for summer in New Mexico. I have an Ergo Performance for my toddler, but I don't want to buy the infant insert, I'll just save it for when baby is bigger. I've already been looking at cloth diapers too. My SIL has my...
I would like an early one this time to reassure me after my loss last year. I think I only had 2 ultrasounds with my first. One areound 12 weeks and one at 20. With my second I was seeing a German doctor and they wanted to do one at every appointment, but I said no several times. 
I miscarried last December. I started spotting on the 3rd when I was 8 weeks and lost the baby on the 9th. My husband was deployed and it was rough. This baby was conceived on December 2nd and we found out on the 16th. Having the dates be close like that is comforting somehow. I am definitely nervous this time and it's making me much more hesitant to announce early. 
Great information, some of it I knew and some is new information to me. Thank you.
I consider the queasy feeling morning sickness. With my first I vomited a lot, but quickly learned to not let my stomach be empty. With my second I snacked a lot and had bad nausea, but no vomiting. Still not much this time, but it's still earlier than when my morning sickness hit with the first 2.   We still haven't announced. I have friends here who waited until 12 or 13 weeks and I don't know how they did it!    
We haven't announced yet this time, but with our first there was silence at the other end of the phone when we told my in-laws. She was a wedding night baby so no one was expecting us to get pregnant that fast. I think they'll be fine this time though. My parents have 9 kids and it's amazing what people will say without thinking.
I'll have to grab some preggy pops when I'm anywhere near a real city next. We don't have much here. I do have a tiny natural food store I should check for the tea.
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