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It started at 5 and a half weeks with both of my girls. I don't really have any this time and it has me worried. I keep telling myself it might be a boy this time.
    Hmm, that's an interesting question. I've been worried about my lack of morning sickness this time. I had it pretty bad with my first, not as bad with my second when I was nursing my 19 month old once a day, and I'm nursing my 21 month old about 3 times a day now and mostly feeling good. Just a few afternoons of feeling a bit off.
I am so sorry :(
My appt is Dec 30th. I'll be a day shy of 12 weeks.
I'm feeling the same way. Occasionally I don't feel good in the afternoon, but I wonder if it's in my head. I was sick by this time with both of my girls. Maybe it's a boy this time?
I was thinking I might like to go in around 8 weeks before I go on a trip for 3 weeks. I might just wait until I get back though. I think I was closer to 12 weeks when I had my first appointment with my second child.
My husband knows and my parents. My neighbor because I may have to send my kids her way when the morning sickness is bad. I'll tell my siblings in person at Christmas because I have never had a chance to tell any family about a pregnancy in person. My in-laws won't be thrilled so I'll tell them last. Maybe I'll let my 4 year old tell them.
I also have in laws that won't be thrilled. Not in a hurry to tell them. I might let my little one tell them in December when we visit. With our first there was just silence on the other end of the phone when my husband told them. They were better about the second, but wished we had waited longer. Their daughters each stopped at 2 kids.
Quote: Originally Posted by scheelimama Lisanne, did you husband just deploy or just return from R&R? He just deployed 2 weeks ago. Baby was my going away present He's in the Air Force so the deployments aren't as long as Army. He'll be back in March.
We are also going from 2-3 and I'm nervous about it. My 2 girls are a handful.. Not sure how we're going to cram another carseat in the car, but we'll have to figure it out.
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