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I'm kinda thinking boy. This already feels a little different from my first 2 with girls and we have girl clothes and a girl name so it'll be a boy
I wish they would get rid of daylight savings too. My kids woke up at 5:40 and I am so tired! This weeks plans. Monday call clinic and make my first appointment. Wednesday there is a lunch for families of deployed service members. Friday is play group. Nothing too exciting. Should try to get some things done before the morning sickness hits, but we'll see.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwiontheloose what about weaning due to pregnancy? I've been really keen to CLW but my 17mth daughter has been refusing the breast, or just sucking for a few seconds...I am 13weeks pregnant. 17mths does seem early to be weaning (to me) but I'm not sure how to get her to continue - we already co-sleep, and I offer it a lot during the day. Mine did that at 19 months when I was 8 weeks pregnant. She stopped asking...
Mine is 20 months and nursing about 4 times a day.
Quote: Originally Posted by octopus Hi mamas! I'm finally blissfully pregnant with my second after 13 months of trying! DS will be 3 in January and is still nursing. EDD is July 15th. I know it's early, but i'm feeling lucky about this! Congratulations to all of us! We are due date buddies After 13 months of trying I can't imagine the joy. Congratulations!
I just sent him an email with photos of the girls and put a couple of our little one in a "big sister" shirt. Now we'll see how long it takes him to get it and call me. I'm not cold, but it's still 76 degrees here.
Nausea, but not bad yet. really tired, but hubby just deployed and the kids are wearing me out. some stabbing pains when I get up off the floor or something. Probably ligaments stretching.
I thought about having our oldest tell him over the phone, but I want it to be a secret from grandparents until I can tell them in person and she would blab next time they call. I just took photos of my youngest wearing an old "big sister" shirt that I had in a box. Next time he can get online to IM I'll show it to him
Glad to see I'm not the only one with the ligament pain already. I thought I was crazy with all the symptoms showing up so early.
I wish I had time to read this all, but I need to make lunch for the kiddos. Just wanted to say hi I just found out I'm expecting my 3rd. I have 2 little girls. Hubby is deployed and I have no way of reaching him so until he calls me next he still doesn't know. Anyone have a cute idea for telling him? I'm already feeling a little sick so I'm trying to enjoy the decaf eggnog lattes while I can. This should be interesting trying to handle everything alone this time. Thank...
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