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yay! She is beautiful! Congratulations :)
congratulations on getting married! 
There is a FB group?
37 weeks 3 days here. Having some mild contractions, but nothing regular yet. I have a head cold, my bags aren't packed, and there isn't much food in the house so we are not ready. My little sister gets here on the 23rd so I hope to not have the baby before then. 
such a pretty baby! Congratulations :)
so pretty!
aww, so cute!
I am so sick. Headache, coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose kind of cold. I'm drinking lots of tea and staying home as much as I can. All the coughing has caused something in my lower belly to pull and now it hurts.
We're done so my husband says he'll get surgery. If he doesn't do that right away we'll use our usual combination of NFP and barriers. 
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