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We don't know the sex and haven't chosen names so nobody knows a thing. My husband keeps discussing name options with his family and they have pretty much talked him out of my favorite so I won't even talk to him about names anymore.
I have a little sling style diaper bag from Eddie Bauer that I loved when Anika was little. It has a changing pad, a big pocket for an outfit and a couple diapers, a waterproof bag for wet stuff, and a little pocket on the front that I would put a toy, teething tablets, etc in. When you wear it there is a little zippered pocket on the chest that is perfect for my money and id. Now that Anika is 2 she likes to wear her own backpack with toys, a change of clothes, and a...
That's wonderful! I love baby's name and she is so cute!
I witnessed 4 of my siblings being born. I'm the oldest and when my sister was born mom wanted us older 4 there. We were 12, 10, 8, and 6. Then she had any of us that wanted to be there at the last few kid's births as well.
If it makes you feel any better we have no name for this one either
Mine has slowed way down, but whenever I start to worry he or she gets hiccups or kicks me once to reassure me
Congratulations! That is amazing! I'd love a labor like yours I hope the afterbirth pains ease up for you soon.
so exciting! Good luck!
My MIL is coming and as soon as I know what day her flight is I'll be trying my hardest to have this baby before that. For my husband and daughter's sake it would be nice to have her here cooking and cleaning and taking care of things, but I don't want her here. I feel bad about it though. If I could have my mom here I would do it in a heartbeat, but she can't leave her little ones and fly to Germany.
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