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If this one is a boy we won't be circumsizing. DH isn't and we see no need to do it.
I don't think you can do both. My daughter didn't love being swaddled, but she wore a sleep sack until she was 2.
I hadn't heard of that, but it sounds like what I'm planning to have. This is my second and we don't know the sex so it didn't make sense to have a shower. I will have people over for tea, coffee, cake, and to meet the baby within a couple weeks of the birth though.
congratulations! she's beautiful
All I've done is make a huge batch of spaghetti sauce and frozen it in a few seperate bags and make one batch of turkey chili in the freezer. I have the tiniest freezer though so I can't put much in there. I'd still like to get a lasagna in there and maybe some soup since dh doesn't cook anything but pasta and grilled cheese. His mom is going to try to come for a few weeks though so she'll take care of the food for that time
Living on the economy is great
I guess it's a little different overseas because I was told they would cover everything but the transportation costs of the midwife and I have Tricare prime. My little one is due in a month and we'll see how it all goes.
I've had a couple and might have one more. My dr wanted to to one at every appointment and I have had to fight him on that. Once my midwife is back from her vacation though I'll be seeing her for these last few weeks. The ultrasounds were mostly for my husband and his family. They are nervous about the idea of home birth and knowing that everything appears fine eases their minds a bit.
haha, sneaky baby
I'm feeling that way too. My daughter was a day late and I would love for this one to come a week or two early. I can't have my home birth if he or she is too early though. This may be my last baby though so I just keep telling myself to enjoy it while I can.
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