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I hope he stays in there another week or two for you.
I had my heart set on Silas if this one is a boy, but my MIL talked my husband out of it Now we have no boy name!
here'swhat I have so far It's a work in progress
I'm a little over an hour away in the Bitburg area. What branch of the service is your husband in?
Not really. My mom had 9 babies and most of her labors were pretty long. Her water only broke on it's own with number 6. With my first my water broke and Anika was born 7 hours later.
Just me, dh, and my midwife. If my MIL can come from the states she'll watch Anika and they might be in the room. If she can't come Ani will go to a neighbor's house during the day.
I've heard the same about a hospital birth. You have to name the baby before you leave. We're planning a home birth and haven't chosen a name yet. I'm wanting to do all the paperwork asap though for baby's passport so I'm rushing myself to find a name.
I am going through exactly the same thing with my daughter so I can't wait to read some responses.
I thought my daughter would be about 8lbs and she was 7lbs 12oz. I'm 32 weeks right now and I'm guessing this one will be a little bigger, but not huge.
My daughter weaned herself when she was 19 months old. I was 8 weeks pregnant at the time and I think something must have changed with the milk's flavor or supply. I was perfectly willing to go longer, but it was painless for both of us so the timing was right. Maybe this one will go longer.
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