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Our midwife charges 880 euros for the birth. I don't know what the other visits are. She also charges for the transportation costs (gas money) and that's the only thing that our insurance won't cover. I'm buying drop cloths, towels, waterproof mattress pad, and a few other odds and ends so that's another $100. Not too bad at all.
Quote: Originally Posted by mntnmom Lisanne, all the details you can please!! I hope to have a baby (and homebirth) in Germany next year!! ok, sorry it took me so long. I found a midwife in Trier that speaks perfect English and does home births. Her name is Elisabeth Schmidt-Bäumler and her number is 0651/4369515 I spoke to Tricare and they said prenatal and delivery are covered, but not transportation costs. She charges 55 euro cents per...
found one! I emailed one of the English speaking midwives here in Bitburg and she gave me a couple names. If anyone else needs to know Elisabeth Schmidt-Bäumler speaks perfect English and lives in Trier.
mmm, that sounds good. It's been weeks since I had any tuna. I really wanted sushi this week so I had some avocado rolls. Not exactly what I wanted, but it helped the craving.
ours will be a surprise
January is probably better. Then Christmas is over and people can hit the New Year's sales for the gifts I'm just going to have a little shower after the baby is born since we aren't finding out the sex. Maybe for Valentine's day.
I tried C. Nummer and she doesn't speak English. Anja Lehnertz didn't answer her phone so maybe I'll try again later or have my husband call. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by enielangstrumpf go to hebammensuche.de, type in the first two or three letters of your zip code and you'll be given a list of certified midwifes in the area with a discription of the services they provide and sometimes the languages they speak. i searched for the bitburg and trier zipcodes, couldn't find a homebirth midwife in bitburg (but one who offers birthcenter births and several who'll be your on call midwife and...
I would like to have a homebirth in February and my German doctor said he would ask around and try to find me someone. I'm 20 weeks along now and that hasn't happened so I'm hoping to find one on my own. Does anyone know how to find a midwife who will do homebirths in the Bitburg/Trier area? I speak very little German, but my husband is almost fluent.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vegan Princess Here is a link to a wedding picture. I don't look pregnant in my pics. A little strategic bouquet holding helped too. And my dress laced up the back so it fit perfectly. http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a2...n/DSCN2859.jpg beautiful! congratulations
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