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I'm still working, but I am very part time and mostly work from home. I don't know how some of you do it.
wow, so intense! Congratulations. 
Yay for April! I'm not due to the end of the month so I expect to be one of the last to deliver. I look forward to all the birth stories and baby pictures that I am sure are coming soon :)
My second was born right at the full moon. My first was a couple days shy of a new moon though. 
  I hope this is it for you!
Oh my. I'm glad all worked out. Congratulations :)
yay momma bear! Wishing you a great labor and delivery :)
I'm feeling very ready, but still have 5 weeks to go. It's so hard to sleep and I'm so sore. Last night I had my first bad case of heartburn and was up all night. 
Well, sex is what put me in the hospital last weekend so I'm pretty sure that works well.    Spicy food. Lots of walking. Driving on bumpy roads. 
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