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I have an appointment tomorrow anyway so I've just been trying to live with it for now. 
I was in labor on Sunday, but they stopped it. I'm supposed to take it easy, drink lots of water, and am on pelvic rest. 
I had contractions every 5 minutes on Sunday so I went in for monitoring and was given a shot of Terbutaline in my arm. That stuff burns and then my heart was pounding. Now I have a rash on my belly that itches and I was just wondering if that is a normal side effect. 
I've never been sure when to count labor starting. With my first I'd had contractions every 20 minutes or so on my due date, but they didn't stop me from going on like usual and getting sleep. My water broke at 9am the morning after my due date and the contractions picked up at that point. With my second I was pretty sure it was real labor around dinner time the night before my due date and baby was born the next morning, right on her due date. 
I haven't even thought about the bag yet. I had a home birth last time so it's not something that was on my to do list. Guess I'd better get started on that. 
Congratulations Cananny! 
At 36 weeks there is still time, especially with a third. It is roomier. 
I think it was 91? Not sure. 
  I'm curious about this too. My little one has her feet at my bladder and it's so uncomfortable!
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