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Hello and welcome from another fellow Islander!
Ugh. Why would someone feel that their views are welcome when they are so clearly rotten things to say to a child? I'm sorry that happened to you both.
Welcome Emma! You've found a great place.
Welcome Lisa! There really is so much to learn here, isn't there?! Congratulations on your son!
Welcome Tracy, you've found a great place to learn and find support.
Hello and welcome from another British Columbian!
Quote: Originally Posted by NiteNicole I have an aunt who has always given cash with "cousin" presents and then we all take a pic together. We're now all in our 20s and 30s and she's stopped giving cash (it goes to the next generation) but we still look forward to our cousin presents and picture together. I LOVE your idea of cousin gifts, how fun! What a clever aunt you have.
: Awww, she is a beautiful little one, just gorgeous!
Gosh, lots of us Canadians are discovering MDC!
Welcome to MDC!
New Posts  All Forums: