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Oh, and Robin? Will you teach me how to manifest Jeremy Scahill? He's my ideal man. Except that he lives in New York. Pout. Anybody else have an example of your ideal?
I don't do anything for Father's Day. My kids give their dad, my dad, and my step-dad cards or projects that they made and that's it. However, I am also entirely relieved to not have to celebrate Mother's Day any more.
I completely agree with sparklefairy. In the absence of abuse or other safety concerns, not seeing Dad is not an option that I will even entertain. I would definitely talk to your DS about his feelings and let his dad know that there are some hurt feelings to be recognized. Poor little guy. It's all so confusing.
Happy Birthday, Robin!!!! Manifest a soulmate for me too! Turtle, are you going to stop seeing Mr. Sexy now that you know you don't like him on a non-physical level or wait until the sex gets as boring as his personality? I half-heartedly agreed to go out with Philosophy Guy again tonight, but I'm thinking about canceling. I'm just not in the mood to hang out with him. He makes me carry the whole conversation. I think he used up all his talking points the night we first...
HollyBearsMom is online now and participating in this thread. Was she banned and has had the ban revoked?And Ornery didn't post on the sex with an ex thread.FTR - I think it should take a lot to get banned and questioning policies in a constructive way should never warrant banning, but I do think that members who post repeatedly in an inflammatory tone need to get the boot.
IMO, there was only one poster who was out-of-line offensive. That thread alone shouldn't have been enough to get more than a warning, but I suspect we'd find lots more if we reviewed her posts.
No posts have been removed, as far as I can tell. The offensive posts are all still there.
I'm not banned, nor was I warned, nor have I ever been before. I was the first to speculate that it might be a troll thread, since she had only 2 posts and asked a rather dramatic question with a painfully obvious answer, but the OP has really cleared up that misunderstanding. I was totally disgusted with the posts that followed mine and I apologized for being insensitive by not asking for clarification, rather than making wild speculations. I'm totally ashamed of having...
Trolling should not be allowed. Threads that descend into flame wars should be shut down. Perhaps people who post primarily in a snarky tone should be warned. Expressing frustration and debates should be allowed. I like the MDC with less moderation, but I do find it a bit depressing that so much snark bubbled to the surface.
New Posts  All Forums: